Ultrasonics and Medical Imaging Laboratory (UMI)

Acoustic Properties Measurement by Ultra-High Frequency Ultrasound

  • Measurement of the speed of sound, attenuation and acoustic impedance by 1 MHz-250 MHz Ultrasound
  • Verification of the relationship between tissue composition/structure and acoustical characteristics.

Fig. Speed of sound of fibrotic rat liver measured by 250 MHz ultrasound (left). HE staind histology of same tissue (right).

Tissue Characterization by Multi-Band Frequency Ultrasound

  • Detection of small target tissues from echo signal/image of each organ.
  • Quantitative diagnosis of progressive diseases by statistical analysys of echo signal.
  • Determination of metastasis by high-frequency ultrasound.

Fig. Fiber structures in serious chronic hepatitis human liver.

Fig. Estimation result of scatterer density in metastatic human lymph node.

3D Fusuin Imaging for Surgery Assistance

  • Visualization of target tissues in each organ.
  • Segmentation/Registration of targrt tissues in US, CT and Oputical image.
  • Muiti-modality fusion imaging.

Fig. 3D fusion imaging of ultrasonic imaeg and laparoscopic image (left). visualization of blood vessels in liver (right).

Facilities in UMI
  • A clinical ultrasound scanner and a Toshiba ultrasound system, GE ultrasound system
  • An ultrasound bio microscopy
  • Single-element imaging transducers ranging from 0.5 to 250 MHz
  • An optical bench with a 3-axis computer-controlled motion system (1-?m resolution).
  • Flexible 2-axis computer-controlled motion system (1-?m resolution).
  • A complement of standard electronic instruments including digital oscilloscopes, function generators, lock-in amplifier, PID controller, photodetectors, etc.
  • A vacuum chamber and a churning machine for making phantom
  • A surgical bench for small animal
  • Large set of phantoms for accuracy evaluation of ultrasound scanner and transducer
  • High-speed operation computers with multi CPU and GPU
  • Digital cameras and video editing apparatus
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