Ryoichi Nakamura, PhD

Associate Professor, Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Chiba University

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Visualization and analysis of intraoperative information & Information-guided robotic surgery

Therapeutic environment is highly developed but increasingly complicated by emergence of a new minimally invasive surgical technique, the development of various diagnostic and treatment equipment. Computer Aided Surgery (CAS) technologies contribute for the advancement of minimally invasive surgery using precise guidance system based on diagnostic imaging and robotics technologies. And it also provide us digital operation room environment, in which we can easily measure and analyze the surgical information. We are developing the technologies for guiding surgeons precisely and technologies for measuring and analyzing the digital information on the surgical navigation system to detect and evaluate the characteristics of surgical procedures and environments and also to predict the future outcome and effectiveness of the treatment. In this presentation, I introduces the results of trial experiments using these new navigation technologies and the possibility of the future navigation technologies for recording and evaluating a therapeutic procedure and environment in operation room.