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Message from Director

The Center for Frontier Medical Engineering (CFME) was established in 2003 to promote researches that would contribute to innovation of medical practice through technologies of medical engineering. During the last 12 years, the Center experienced two reconstructions to concentrate and manage research resources; introduction of project-focused system in 2010, and merge of all the staffs of Department of Medical System Engineering into the Center to comprise 19 full-time service staffs in 2013.

The CFME already had released several medical systems or devices to the market such as image processing modalities equipped to endoscope or ultrasonography, microwave antenna for thermotherapy, needle folder for training laparoscopic surgery, etc. Seeing the number of accumulating research seeds, we are considering accelerating to output more medical equipment that would offer benefits for patients and medical staffs. Fortunately, each project are running smoothly and acquiring funds and grants or large budgets to date. Besides, environments for experiments relating to life science are well-arranged in Science Park Center adjacent to CFME, in which operating theatre for research, CT and MRI are ready. Many students in Department of Medical System Engineering are studying engineering technology together with life science, and most of them mastered both fields of knowledge before graduation or completion.

The Center welcomes researchers all around the world with motivation and ability to share research resources together. We should be so happy if you would enjoy reading the web page.

Thank you in advance for watching and supporting us as ever.

Tatsuo Igarashi, Director.