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The Center for Frontier Medical Engineering (CFME) was founded in April 2003 through the strong cooperation of the School of Medicine, the Chiba University Hospital, the Faculty of Engineering and various industries. CFME consists of the Department of Research and Development which has full-time, visiting, and specially appointed faculty members, and the Prototyping and Preclinical Research Laboratory in which the staff prototypes for the procedures and ideas devised in each project, as well as performing the various types of basic research that precede clinical trials. The Center keeps two types of project running in parallel: research projects focused on leading research areas, in collaboration with external investment; and emergent research projects to lay the foundations for next-generation medical engineering. Currently, there are five leading research areas, namely:

  1. Less-invasive Treatment Technology
  2. Fusion and Enrichment of Medical Images for High Quality Diagnosis and Treatment (FERMI)
  3. Bioinstrumentation by Multiple Wave
  4. Biomedical Robotics
  5. Regulatory Science for Medical Instruments Environments and Skill

The objective of CFME to establish and offer novel medical devices and/or systems that contributes to future advancement of clinical practices. The Center's faculty members are also responsible for teaching, in the form of lectures and supervision of graduation research for undergraduate and graduate engineering and medical students.