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Hotels that have English website and foreigners can make a reservation via internet are listed below. See also the map of hotels. The forum doesn’t keep any block of discount rooms for attendants. Please book a room individually.

NoHotelTime to Tembusu (*1)Room rate [yen] (*2)
1 JAL City Naha 5 min walk8,000
2 Richmond Hotel Naha Kumoji 10 min walk10,000
3 Okinawa Harborview Crowne Plaza 10 min walk12,000
4 Okinawa Washington Hotel 22 min walk9,120
5 Okinawa Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha 16 min walk13,650 - 16,800
6 Hotel Tokyu Bizfort Naha 22 min walk6,400
7 The Naha Terrace 15 min walk18,000
8 APA Hotel Naha 14 min walk7,000 - 8,000
9 Hotel Route-Inn Nago 13 min walk6,000
(*1) Use of monorail is more convenient for some hotels.
(*2) Room rate here is just rough guide looked over in September 2010. We don't guarantee the rate.

Hotel Map
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