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Best Poster Award
The committee of IFMIA2011 has organized the Best Poster Award to encourage the student researchers and to bestow the prizes on some of the scientists who have made an outstanding research. This award is evaluated by the members of the committee at the points of the originality and significance of the research, the clarity and design of the poster board.
The awarded five posters are:

Evaluation of Inter-scan Repeatability in Emphysema Quantification during Follow-up in a Lung Cancer Screening Setting
Sang Joon Park, Chang Yong Heo and Jong Hyo Kim (Seoul National University)
Automatic measurement of elasticity of liver region using MR Tagging Image
Seiki Miotani, Xuejun Zhang (Gifu University), Teruhiko Kitagawa (Gifu National College of Technology), Xiangrong Zhou, Takeshi Hara (Gifu University), Ryujiro Yokoyama, Haruo Watanabe, Masayuki Kanematsu (Gifu University Hospital) and Hiroshi Fujita (Gifu University)
Proposal and evaluation of a guideline-based method for patient positioning in radiotherapy
Riki Fukuhara (Chiba University), Shinichiro Mori, Motoki Kumagai (National Institute of Radiological Sciences) and Hideaki Haneishi (Chiba University)
A new component-based normalization method for OpenPET image reconstruction
Yuji Miyoshi (Chiba University), Shoko Kinouchi (Chiba University), Taiga Yamaya, Eiji Yoshida, Fumihiko Nishikido, Hideaki Tashima and Mikio Suga (National Institute of Radiological Sciences)
Extraction of liver region from CT dataset based on blood vessel information
Ahmed S. Maklad, Matsuhiro Mikio, Yoshiki Kawata, Noboru  Niki, Utsunomiya Toru, Shimada Mitsuo and Hiromu Nishitani (the University of Tokushima)