Message from Director

Center for Frontier Medical Engineering (CFME) was established in 2003 to promote research projects that would contribute to innovation of medical practice through technologies of modern medical engineering. During the last 13 years, the Center experienced two reorganizations to strengthen our research and education foundation : Introduction of Research Project in 2010, and merge of all staff of Department of Medical System Engineering into CFME to comprise 19 full-time staff members in 2013. After these reorganizations, one of pivotal projects successfully won special budget of Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2013. Another project, Multimodal Medical Engineering, was selected as “strategic priority research promotion program” in 2015. Adjacent to our center, Science Park Center offers excellent experiment environment where CT, MRI and operating theatre are ready. Utilizing this rich environment for promoting research projects, our staff members, together with students in Department of Medical System Engineering have been pursuing cutting-edge medical engineering technologies.

CFME has been promoting collaboration projects with various departments, institutions and industries at home and abroad. As a result, we have accomplished technical transfers and have succeeded in putting several medical systems or devices into practical use such as image processing modalities equipped to endoscope or ultrasonography, microwave antenna for thermotherapy, needle folder for training laparoscopic surgery, etc. We will further accelerate our research projects for the practical application of our research seeds. In addition, we will strive to function as a world-class research hub in this field. Our mission lies in contributing to medicine by advancing our research projects benefical to both patients and clinicians. We also welcome researchers around the world who can share the passion to bring about innovation to medical engineering.

Hideaki Haneishi